Designed for: Art Exhibition

The installation " My great heroes" reflects upon the vast progression of the digitization of our society in combination with the "classics" of film history. People from all ages all over the world are now able share a "digital " memory that connects them without any borders.


In these installations nine different screens are mounted. Each one of them symbolizes a multitude of personalities and memories merged with scenes from well - known movies. But those scenes have been so strongly alienated with digital effects that it is now creating an experience that gives new and collective memories of old- time movies.


In the effort to combine the future with its past, the effect of hologram - like stylistically was used. The mixture of hologram- like effects stands in stark contrast to the old video cassette style look from the 80's and is therefore showcasing the huge contrast of the two different time periods. The goal was to create a back and forth between these two worlds of the future and the past creating unity within each other and each frame in every second.

INSIDE - Colors of the night

Designed for: Art Exhibition

The human brain has an average weight of 1.400 grams. This relatively small mass is controlling almost all vital bodily functions.

The brain allows us to think, experience emotions, process sensory impressions. By constantly communicating with each other through electrical impulses, each brain cell stays in flux and keeps our organism in harmony therefore healthy.

INSIDE represents a human shell that is stripped off of the superficial appearance of each individual. I started asking myself: What happens if we push all the visual features aside of a human by and take a look inside? How deep is our subconsciousness? What does the communication of brain cells look like? What do feelings look like? Are emotions coloured? And how “red” can pain be?