Structures of a memory

Paper Artwork SERIES

The series “Structures of a memory” portraits the possibilities that a painting can offer to express and reflect upon challenging and memorable moments . Reminding you of what has been experienced it also invites you to challenge your point of view and revisit certain moments in a new context.



“ If only I could spread my wings and fly

high above the sky

like a bird

relishing time and space

in its entirety and grace

embraced and fully wreathe

in mother earths arms

enjoying the longingly peace “


Artwork on paper

“Enshrined among flowers

stands the house

mantled and sheltered

by the never- ending web of ivy's fingers “

INSIDE - Colors of the night

Painting Art Series

What happens if we push aside all the superficially visible features of a human and take a look inside?

How deep is our subconsciousness?


What does the communication of brain cells look like?


What do feelings look like?


Are emotions coloured?


How “red” can pain be?

© 2021 by Carmen Büchner.