Meine Großen Helden



Installation "My Great Heroes" reflects the progressive digitization of our society. It is part of our digital memory and unites people from different generations. The mere thought of an apparently common memory creates connections.

The nine different screens symbolize a multitude of personalities. Just the presentation of the film image lets reminisce. The good old times. The different makes, models, manufacturers and the resulting qualitative prerequisites shows the diversity in being.

The alienated depiction of the 8-minute film also shows the individual experience. The film is a compilation of well-known film scenes and has been so strongly alienated by digital means that the idea of ​​a possible memory should be given exclusively.

The style of the film is intended to artistically combine future and past. The mixture of hologram-like effects, which we know from films, promising reports or technical fairs stands in contrast to old video cassette look from the 80s. The compilation is to create a back and forth cunning of two worlds. Future and past stylistically unites the second in 25 pictures.




The human brain weighs an average of 1,400 grams. With this relatively small mass we control almost all vital bodily functions. The brain allows us to think. It lets us experience it emotionally, processes sensory impressions, as well as several important and vital processes in the human body. By constantly communicating brain cells with the help of electrical impulses, everything stays in flux and keeps our organism in harmony and therefore healthy. INSIDE shows a persistent human shell and the unreasonable perspective of each individual. What happens if we push aside all the superficially visible features of a human and take a look inside? What does feeling look like? How red can pain be? How deep is our subconscious? What does communication of brain cells look like? Are emotions colored?

INSIDE @ ART-and Culturefestival, Chemnitz 2016



INSIDE @ Galerie am Kuhlenberg, Stuttgart 2016



Visual Art (Live-Performance)

Frankfurt "Palmengarten", 7 Filme, 35 Minuten, Live-Orchestrierung

Produktionsfirma: CatherineAckermannProduction

BASF 150 Jahrfeier

Art Direction, Visual Concept, Animation (3D/2D) & Compositing: Carmen Büchner

19.03.2015, Ludwigshafen, 150 Jahre BASF - Innovationsfilm

Agentur: circ gmbh und Co.KG

Produzent: Jumpseat Filmproduktion GmbH und Co.KG 

Ausführende Produktion: Catherine Ackermann Productions LLC


zur Vorstellung der Sonderinitiative
„Fluchtursachen bekämpfen – Flüchtlinge reintegrieren“ des Bundesministeriums für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung.


Inhalt: Barbara Kobler, Anja Reiß, Simone Gaul
Lichtinstallation: E+Ich
Applikation: Anja Reiß, Anna Brinkschulte
Texte: Anja Reiß
Gestaltung & Animation: Carmen Büchner
Sounddesign: Jan Roth
Programmierung: Stefan Kolbe, Benedikt Haas

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