A Portrait on the Search for Happiness

Documentation, 2021

A huge desert, behind it a deep, cold sea. A field of debris, torn open like a field. Beneath it, deep under the earth: the purest diamonds in the world. A group of young men begins to dig for the tiny stones with their bare hands. Day and night. A new diamond rush in South Africa. A poetic journey through the desert, the sand and the wind.

Motion Design & Compositing - Carmen Büchner

VR - Motion Design - Carmen Büchner

A film by Benjamin Rost


Music Video

"Corona" takes you into a surreal world based on an interaction of abstract and dynamic shapes, blended with it's mystical surroundings.


The 6 min film is selected for the "Realtime festival 2021" and received  the audience & special mention award.

A film by Carmen Büchner


Designed for: Studio Original

Production - Teymour Tehrani

DoP: Frederick Gomoll

Visual Artwork - Carmen Büchner

A film by Studio Original

Truth Detctives

Designed for: doc.station

All around the world, human rights activists, journalists and lawyers collect evidence of human rights violations - with the help of the people affected. Amateur videos of bombs exploding, people being abused or even shot dead, are distributed almost in real time via social media. Aside from the capabilities of modern mobile phones, access to satellite images and GPS data is now also considerably easier. In social networks, it is possible to track almost every move a person makes.

Creative Artwork, Compositing, Motion Design

VFX, 3D Animation - Carmen Büchner

A film by Anja Reiss

Shooting Crows

Designed for: Christine Hürzeler

A park in the fog. Crows flap and caw in the sky. A homeless man sleeps between the trees. A woman disappears. Now and then a crow is shot: as a deterrent. The crows rally after every shot. The police gather evidence. Reality and imagination become blurred. Fine cracks pervade everyday perceptions. Gradually we begin to suspect a new and unsettling reality behind the tangible world.

Compositing & VFX - Carmen Büchner

A film by Christine Hürzeler

Der Polder

Designed for: Samuel Schwarz

This fantasy movie transports its audience into the parallel world of the longings of gamers.

The movie was awarded with the "" as best european science- fiction movie.

Motion Design - Carmen Büchner

A film by Samuel Schwarz


Designed for: Stefan Schaller

Based on original documents, “Five Years” is the true story of the German Turk Murat Kurnaz, an innocent man interned in Guantánamo, one of the most feared and notorious prisons in the world, where the struggle for physical and mental survival demands nearly superhuman efforts.

Matte Painting Artist - Carmen Büchner

A film by Stefan Schaller